Wardrobe Rut: Using Jewelry to Escape!

Wardrobe Rut: Using Jewelry to Escape!


Do you ever feel like you’re wearing the same outfit over and over again? It feels like wearing a different outfit is a chore. To get out of this rut people will try to do a few things. They feel the need to go buy new clothes every week. This would work but do you have the money to buy a new outfit each week? Okay so you might have enough money for a new outfit every week but keep reading! Some people may feel the need to dress down. While wearing a tee and jeans isn’t a bad thing sometimes, dressing up builds confidence! Lastly, many people do exactly what they feel! They end up wearing the same outfits over and over again. While this isn’t a necessarily a bad thing, you could begin to feel bland and boring, and you definitely aren’t bland or boring! So how can you put a unique twist into your wardrobe? The answer my friend is simple. Jewelry! Jewelry is often overlooked as a way to add pizzazz. I say this because while jewelry is absolutely an accessory, it does not fit into the same category as shoes, belts, hats or scarves. Jewelry is its own niche and deserves its own attention when completing an outfit. Whether you wear jewelry subtly or as a fashion statement, by following these tips, jewelry can help you complete any outfit and make it feel new!

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  1. Sort the jewelry you already have

Do you have piles of jewelry lying around that you never wear? It is worth your while to gather it all up in one place and to start sorting through it. Sort your jewelry by color, size, or by type. For example, put all your earring in one place and all your necklaces in another. My favorite way to sort jewelry is to match anything I think would complement each other into one place. (This doesn’t necessarily mean by color!) Sorting can be overwhelming at times so try a few. Pick a sorting system that is easy for you to work with. Collegefashion.net said, “Dig through your dresser and find those accessories you never wear, or drop by your favorite discount store and pick up a few cheap pieces of jewelry that stand out to you. Then, experiment!” I can’t agree more with this statement! That brings us to tip 2.

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  1. Experiment!

After you have sorted through your jewelry and maybe even picked up a few new pieces, it’s time to experiment. Lay out a few of your favorite outfits and try them on one at a time. With each outfit try on any jewelry that you think will fit well with the look. Before you move on to a new outfit try tossing on a few pieces of jewelry that you don’t think will go well with any outfit. You will come up with new ideas that you would have never thought of otherwise. You will probably find new combinations, that, contrary to what you thought previously, work very well for you! This is one of the most fun parts of accessorizing with jewelry so take time and have fun. You may even want to invite a couple friends over and have a little jewelry party!

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  1. Pick jewelry that makes you feel confident

Do you have a specific piece of jewelry that you wear time and time again? I know I do. I wear my favorite ring every day because I feel like it compliments my skin tone very well resulting with a confidence boost. While it’s only a small boost it is still important to me. Collegefashion.net reminds us not to abandon these pieces as they help us feel unique and special. However, Collegefashion.net also warns us that these pieces of jewelry will often smother the addition of new jewelry to our jewelry arsenal by limiting what we actually wear down to a few things. Corporatefashionista.com advised us on how to avoid this situation. They said, “The whole point of accessories is to add additional interest to an outfit. A great jewelry buy is when it’s not only a beautiful piece, but it complements several of your outfits.” If buying jewelry is difficult for you should trying buying custom jewelry. This will give you more control in tailoring your jewelry to your wardrobe and will help you feel more confident when you are out and about!

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Next time you feel like you’re in a wardrobe rut, wearing the same outfit every week, think again about the jewelry you are wearing. Wearing jewelry can make or break any outfit. Additionally jewelry can add new flare and energy to any outfit! As you experiment with new and old jewelry, your outfits will become unique each time you wear them. The result of proper jewelry is that you will feel more confident in yourself! Remember, Jewelry is tricky when completing an outfit and these are only a few tips! Do some research and find what works best for you!