How to Perfectly Fold a T-Shirt in Few Seconds

How to Perfectly Fold a T-Shirt in Few Seconds


Today, online shopping gives you chance to buy many types of apparel at cheaper rate. But, you can’t just stuff your wardrobe with clothes and clothes. You have to take good care of those. To keep your dresses, shirts and t-shirts at good condition, you have to fold those well and place them. If you keep them crumpled that will take much space in your wardrobe and you won’t look good in those crushed garments. It is said that first impression is the last impression. If you go to a date, wearing a crumpled t-shirt, you know what impression you will create on your date. So, keep your t-shirts ironed and folded perfectly.

Tips to Fold T-shirts Quickly

Buy t-shirts online or from shops, keep good care of your garments. Folding may seem irritating task as aligning the sleeves and neck perfectly needs practice. With these simple tips, you can fold your t-shirt within few seconds. Have a look-

  1. Lay Your Shirt Flat

Spread your t-shirt on a flat surface. Always place it on clean table so that it doesn’t catch any dust. You should stand in a way so that the neck should be on your right and the bottom should be on the left.

  1. Imagine the Line

Now, imagine a line that crosses your t-shirt from shoulder to the bottom. One end of the line should start from the distant shoulder and it should end at the bottom line of your t-shirt. You can use a ribbon to determine the line on the t-shirt to make your task easier.

  1. Pinch the Mid-point of the T-shirt

Now, find an imaginary point in the middle of that imaginary line which cuts the t-shirt into two equal halves. Reach to the mid-point by your left hand and pinch the fabric tightly. You should pinch the front and back portion of your t-shirt. The mid-point can slightly change. Don’t worry about that.

  1. Pinch the Shoulder

Don’t lose your left hand from pinching the middle point of your t-shirt. Now, you must have the shoulder of your t-shirt on your right. So, your arms won’t be crossed. Pinch the shoulder together from back and front. Now, the t-shirt has come into your grip.

  1. Move Your Hands

Hold your t-shirt tight. Now, lift your right hand and move it and move it straight over your left hand and go up to the bottom of your t-shirt. Cross your arms and take your right arm and over your left arm.

  1. Pinch the Bottom of Your Shoulder

Without losing your grip from the middle point, extend your fingers and grasp the bottom with your thumb. Always remember the front and back portion should be in your grip.

  1. Uncross Your Hand

Hold your t-shirt in firm grip and uncross your hands. Now, lift your t-shirt from the surface. Move your left hand through the two folds of your t-shirt while uncrossing. Otherwise, you will be messed up finally and start the process from the beginning.

  1. Finish

Tuck in the loose ends at the bottom and you are finished with folding. The process can be done within 2-3 seconds.

Online shopping gives you chance to buy beautiful t-shirts at cheap rate. Take care of those and set your unique trend.