Fashionistas: Tips for Making this Summer the Best One Yet

Fashionistas: Tips for Making this Summer the Best One Yet


As a fashionista, you have one goal and one goal only – to look absolutely fabulous! This is an ongoing journey that requires you to make upgrades and changes to your style and wardrobe. Keeping up with the latest trends isn’t always easy, which is why you are committed to creating your own. This is actually the best way to go. Whether you’re shopping around for makeup from Ulta Beauty or trying to lose weight for your bikini, you can use the following tips to improve yourself just in time for summer.

Trimming Weight for the Beach

For most people, summertime means fun at the beach, or at least the swimming pool. Looking great in your swimsuit is a must, which means you need to cut back on sweets and hit the streets. Try jogging, biking or speed walking to help shed off the extra fat you packed on over the fall and winter months. We all know how devastating Thanksgiving and Christmas meals can be for the waistline. You can even go as far as to join a gym class and train with experts and others in your same boat.

Shop Around for Deals

The best time to buy summer gear is during the winter. At this time, everyone’s looking to purchase coats, jackets and pants. While they’re doing that, you can shop for dresses, skirts and shorts at discounted rates. Keep a look out for local shops to take advantage of clearances that come when the cooler months roll in. You can also find deep discounts on swimsuits and other beachwear.

Get Your Skin Glowing

The winter can be harsh for your skin, so make sure you have a routine that maintains its moisture and suppleness. You’re going to need good skincare products that are filled with vitamins and nutrients. It’s also a good idea to use a moisturizer and makeup that has SPF to keep your skin safe from UV rays. You can also wear bronzers to keep your skin looking nicely tanned throughout the cooler months. Once the warmer months roll in, you can start tanning your skin naturally.

Take Care of Your Hair

Your hair is one of your biggest assets – ensure you keep it protected throughout the winter. Depending on your hair type, you may need to wear braids, buns or other styles that keep your ends nicely tucked away from being snagged by harsh cold weather. You can wear beanie hats and scarves to keep your hair safe as well. Make sure to moisturize and condition your hair regularly to keep the brittle air from drying your hair out.

Shop for New Accessories

Enhancing your accessory collection is always a must. Be on the look out for new styles in belts, jewelry, hats, purses and shoes. These add the final touch to whatever getup you decide to wear. You can shop at places like Groupon to find deals on all sorts of products from thousands of different brands.

Summer is always around the corner – make sure you are prepared to show off your style and worked out bod!