5 Advantages of Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

5 Advantages of Clarity Enhanced Diamonds


As attractive as they seem to be, certain diamonds need additional enhancements due to the fact that they have flaws that are obvious to the eye.  This particular characteristic is normally looked upon as an imperfection by diamond dealers and hence the need for enhancements. The enhancements are most commonly done through the process of fracture filling, which gives us Clarity Enhanced Diamonds.

For this article, the purpose is to outline some of the most significant advantages of Clarity Enhanced Diamonds, especially the ones sold by Best Brilliance.

  1. Affordable

The greatest advantage of purchasing Clarity Enhanced Diamonds is their price. Namely, a diamond that has been treated to enhance clarity can cost about 30% less compared to a non-treated stone of similar clarity grade.

Hence, if you choose to buy enhanced diamonds, you can get quite a good deal on a stone with your preferred clarity grade. Likewise, if you are looking to start a jewellery business, and plan to also have a couple of diamonds in stock but can’t afford the non-treated ones, clarity enhanced diamonds should be your perfect alternative.

They are definitely a safe bet since you are getting the real thing for much less.

  1. Enhanced Appearance

The clarity-enhancing process can get rid of some conspicuous flaws and transform a stone that has several occlusions into an eye-catching diamond. Coupled with their competitive prices, the improvement in the appearance of the stone can be considered quite a good value.

  1. Larger Stone Options

In light of the fact that these types of diamonds normally cost less compared to a true diamond with no enhancements, you can often afford to buy larger stones. If you are purchasing diamond to be incorporated into rings, necklets, or earrings, there’s a benefit of being able to choose a larger stone. When it comes to choosing a diamond, be sure that there are no visible bubbles from enhancement, which can lead to poor reflection of light. Also, ensure that colour clarity is good. You don’t want your precious stone to be gray or cloudy in appearance.

  1. No Special Care Needed

When it comes to the care and maintenance of Clarity Enhanced Diamonds, the act of using a simple thing, such as a toothbrush, to clean the surface is just fine. However, there are several other cleaning methods you could adopt. Nonetheless, in light of the fact that the diamond has undergone treatment, it’s advisable that you don’t handle harsh chemical with your ring on. Also, avoid exposing the stone to extreme heat and you should remember to inform your jeweller that the stone is treated should there be need to take the ring.

  1. Retained Genuine and Natural State

These types of diamonds are 100% natural diamonds since the filling used in their treatment is of such a minute amount that it doesn’t really affect the clarity of natural diamonds.


These advantages serve to show that Clarity Enhancements Diamonds are still as attractive and you will be getting the real thing at a fairly low price. You can buy genuine diamond jewellery from Best Brilliance.